Tome of Legends

Adventure Log May 14, 2011

Labyrinth 3rd Level

Not a finished work.

Slept in the room that had some hellish creatures. 6 stood guard all night. Not sure how he pulled that off but he seems none the worse for wear.

We discovered a small room with a map and several chests. The chests were locked with chains and impervious to our efforts to force them open. Apparently Nyla knows enough about this magic stuff to know that the chains are the combined efforts of the hell-spawn we faced and some other kind of demons. I’m looking forward to that.

The map took some investigation, but it appears to be a complete schematic for the traps on the next level of the godforsaken dungeon.

After some exploring we found the other kind of demons. They went down hard and yield some magic tomes that someone else can use. I just hope it makes it easier for me to kick more ass in the future.

We had some trouble after that. We encountered some webs and spidery creatures. The webs kept phasing in an out and were very weird. We all decided to try to get to the creatures another way when 6 decided to be a hero and charged into the webs and got stuck. Not content to let him hog the glory I charged right in after him to join in the fun.

Unfortunately, the rest of the party decided to ‘teach us a lesson’ or just be dicks and they kept going. 6 and I somehow ended up facing a room full of spidermancers, demons, and dryders while the rest of the party took on a jello mold. The darkspawn of Lolth were unable to resist my fury and fell before my bloody axeheads. 6 almost died, but I managed to prevent that. Maybe he’ll consider that the next time he tries to pull my arm out of the socket.

The spidermancer had some more tomes, so those classroom pansies can see what is going on in there. No more weapons or armor though, which is a shame. I think 6 definitely needs more of both if he’s going to try to imitate me.

We also found the stairs down to the level for which we have the map, but I don’t think we’re done exploring this floor yet.

Until next time…



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